Marion (35):  It was a blessing to make it to my SOS mother Leili!

SOS families, togheter with SOS Lasteküla Eesti Ühing, are inviting all public comapnies and private citizens to donate for the reparations of Kohtla-Järve apartments, so that in the year of 2017 many new kids could have their own real home. During Christmas, over 200 kids are waiting for Santa, so that the most magical time of the year would be filled with real miracles!

In 2014 there were 108 kids living in SOS Lasteküla and this number has increased to 206 in the year of 2016. SOS Lasteküla is able to offer children, who are without parental support and love, real homes which they were not even dreaming about, thanks for the caring and warmhearted sponsors.

We would love to fulfill all 206 children wishes and keep them believing in miracles. In many families, there will be over 30 people at the Christmas table, since we are being visted by former family members with their new families.

Merilin (30) : We always have Christmas together thanks to my mother, since both of us always want to be togheter during this time.

Our biggest Christmas wish would be to receive donations in order to renovate apartments in Kohtla- Järve . There are 4 apartments that need reconstructing before the families will move in. As of now, the children are living in the last of the communal- type housing. Local government has helped us with this cause but we need everyone’s help in order to get the kids in their new homes.

Thank you for noticing and caring – your valuable contribution will be reflected in the joyous eyes of the children!

We are waiting for both big and small donations so that each child can feel the Christmas joy. EE062200221001178590, SOS Children’s Villages Estonia

You can bring joy to SOS Children’s Village children by ordering our beneficiary Christmas cards and e-cards.