I have great respect and gratitude for all the kind people and companies who support SOS Children’s Village work to take care of children without parental care.

Each year, we’ve been able to help a growing number of children and provide loving homes and caring parent figures for the children. Today our 29 houses are homes for more than 200 children.

In order for the houses to accommodate children in the future, the buildings need upkeep and maintenance. As charity organization we need your support. Thank you for lending us a hand and thank you for providing healthy and habitable homes for the children.

We are grateful for every donation – none are too small. Income Tax Exemption on Donations, made to the Estonian SOS Children’s Village Association.


Swedbank: EE062200221001178590; SEB: EE231010220040109016;

Margus Oro
National Director

  • Repair and maintenance (improvement of houses, painting, boiler exchange and indoor work. Boilers, chimneys, security, electrical maintenance, etc.) 71 717€
  • Furniture (one new kitchen, children’s room furniture, curtains) 28 660€
  • Outdoor area (plants, road maintenance, playgrounds) 11 880€
  • Household appliances 10 350€
  • TOTAL 122 607€