We are grateful for any support – both monthly donations and single monetary contributions, items for children, excursions and events organised especially for children etc.


  • Best way to support is monthly donation, because rising children means everyday contribution.
  • One time donations are important for different activities like  renovating houses, organising events etc.
  • Companies are welcome to give their contribution. If you have an idea how to help let us know: kadi.sumberg@sos-lastekyla.ee
  • Donation lines are supported by Elion, EMT, Tele2, Elisa, Starman.
    900 6690  €5
    900 6680  €10
    900 6670  €25
  • If you wish to support with different products or services or organize some kind of event contact us: office@sos-lastekyla.ee
  • We appreciate clean and tidy clothes, electronics etc. We ask to organise clothes by gender and size:  office@sos-lastekyla.ee

There are a lot of children in Estonia who need the help of people and companies. Thanks to your support we can help over 600 children every year. Make your donation here.