In Estonia there are many children who need help and whose well-being is depending on good people and company’s caring. Thanks to the donations we can yearly help over 600 children: Keila, Põltsamaa, Narva-Jõesuu ja Juuru children villages families as well as Tallinn and Keila youth homes where lives 200 children without parental care. Through SOS family strengthening programme and SOS education programme 400 children are getting help.

The Godparents:

Godparent is connected with one SOS family and gives a vital contribution to a family’s budget.

east capital SOS mother Erika family’s godparent since 2007 is East Capital. They have done joyful things together with children. SOS mother Erika:  “Our family’s children have the biggest memories from travelling to Sweden together with East Capital. The trip was a time where we didn’t have to deal with routine. We could enjoy and learn about life, to see and to learn life in different situations.

IWCT SOS mother Urve family’s godparent since 2009 is International Women’s Club of Tallinn, who every year in the beginning of December organizes a Christmas market. SOS mother Urve: “The market is the most important event in our family. I am very grateful that women with big hearts have the time, at the side of their buzy lives, to be a role model for children. Thanks to them it is easier for me to explain to children how vital it is to study languages– I especially remember the Christmas sitting where each one presented a Christmas psalm in their native tongue.

Children’s Supporter:

armastanaidata 80_80Through I Love to Help society it is possible to support SOS family strenghtening programme, which deals with prevention work. In Estonia there are many risk families. Our experience shows that if to support and help families, then they can raise their children by themselves and do not need to separate children from their families.


Village’s Supporters:

sillamäe sadamSillamäe Harbor is a supporter of Narva-Jõesuu SOS Children’s Village.

Baltic workboatsBaltic Workboats is a supporter of Keila’s SOS Childerns Village.


joon Joon is a supporter of Juuru SOS Childrens Village.


huppaHuppa is a supporter of Keila SOS Childrens Village.

Friends Club’s Members:

Kattex Ehitus OÜ, Merit Tarkvara AS, OÜ Smartworks, OÜ Lehtmets, Plainview Plugins OÜ, Trigon Agri A/S Eesti Filiaal, OÜ 3T Spedition, Codeborne OÜ, Pallas & Partnerid OÜ, OÜ Sõbra Kinnisvara, Roofix OÜ, Myhome OÜ, Mobwe OÜ, Silmatera Mudilasmaja OÜ, OÜ Kubat, Elv Tehnikateenused OÜ, Elkdata OÜ, Nelstrom OÜ, Põhjakivi Grupp OÜ, Park Finants OÜ, Otepää Ohutuks OÜ, Silverspoon OÜ, Dome House OÜ, Maiers Group OÜ, Tikenbergid OÜ, Geb Project OÜ, Safeway OÜ, Audiitorteenuse OÜ, Ntex OÜ, OÜ Levata Arendus, OÜ Contal Import, OÜ Kapukas, Asulon Arendus OÜ, Baltinstall Grupp OÜ, Puidu Taavet OÜ, OÜ Projektum, Vino OÜ

Thank you everyone of the private person permanent donators. Children are not growing only through the campaigns, but they need a home, parents and warmth every day. You can be SOS Children’s Villages permanent donator HERE.

Donator 2016:

Southwestern Southwestern has already for 5 years organized “The Spring Knock” by which during one day they collect donations by going from door to door. This year the donations were for the buying of Juuru Children’s Village’s microbus. Thanks to this the children of Juuru can now move better.

 The yearly campaigns support:

  • Oriflame Eesti – By buying Oriflame products it is possible to support SOS Children’s Villages
  • Norstat Eesti – Participant of an inquiry can donate the received points to support Children’s Villages
  • – Every buyer can make a donation or put their object for sale to support Children’s Villages
  • GOSPA hotell – From every ordered food from children’s menu GOSPA donates 10 cents to Children’s Villages
  • Euronics – All clients can donate their points to SOS Children’s Villages and Euronics will add the same amount of points
  • Ocean Air – From every sold home appliance Ocean Air donates 3 euro to SOS Children’s Village
  • Piletilevi – In Piletilevi’s environment it is possible to buy a donation ticket to SOS Children’s Village
  • Lotte Kešup – From every bought Lotte Ketchup it is donated 3 cents to SOS Children’s Village
  • H&M – From every received second hand clothing kilo there is a donation for children of 2 cents

Pro bono supporters

If you wish to support SOS Children’s Village children with your products or services, please write to We are also grateful for whole and clean stuff and clothes as well as technology that could be used by our Children’s Village families and SOS family strenghtening programme. Clothes are asked to pack according to age and gender.