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SOS Children’s Village is a Finalist in the Dream Employer 2017 Competition

Thanks to the active and dedicated employees of the SOS Children’s Village who took it upon themselves to participate in the competition for the Dream Employer 2017, the SOS Children’s Village became one of four nominees and was named the best organization in the public sector. All together, 22 companies participated. A professional jury and […]

Learning to run a cafe is lots of fun

In Estonian economy it makes great impact to be an entrepreneur. Of course a lot of skills and knowledge are needed to run your own business or company. But where to start?  This was one of the most important questions for Marina when the summer came. SOS Children’s Village Narva-Jõesuu had decided to participate in […]

Music Teacher Maria: Music Encourages Children to Put the Past Behind Them

One November day, the children were practicing for a recital under the guidance of their music teacher Maria Vessmann. Such days are good for the children, Maria says, as music helps children express their bottled up feelings. Maria comes to Keila SOS Village once a week to give music lessons. „Did you find the lyrics […]

Celebrating even the tiniest successes

It took two years for the neighbours to get to know the children with special needs from the SOS Children´s Village of Narva-Joesuu, Estonia. Now they greet them by name when they see them walking in the streets. ‘An old lady makes us slippers every year. It’s really nice,’ says educator Irina. Eight children with […]

The boy who decided to catch a star

Eleven-year-old Martin is the best integrator in and out of SOS Children’s Village Keila, Estonia – his reputation as the best football player in his club brings his friends to the village and gets the boy out as well. At his last birthday, for which he could invite anybody he wanted, there were ten boys […]