SOS Children’s villages have taken on a great responsibility – to raise children without parental care to be responsible adults and give them the right values for the future. Education and the ability to study has also a very important role in growing up. Our goal is that our children would have the knowledge and stability to obtain a proffession that will let them be happy and independent in the future.

Today there are 230 children living in SOS Children’s villages. More than 100 youths have started their lives after SOS Chidlren’s village and we have been able to help them make their lives better. We are happy to say that most of them are doing very well and have their own families and children already. This gives us the feeling of security that we are doing our jobs well.

We have put together a budget for education. We have not come that far yet that the government could fund the raising of children without parental care without any other help.

  • Schoolitems 8 €
  • Hobbies 20 €
  • Psychologist, support-teachers, therapist 25 €

Total 53€ month / 530€ year

Only thanks to our supporters can we offer our children a safe, secure and loving home so that they could continue with their studies.

No donation is too small. SOS Lasteküla Eesti Ühing EE062200221001178590 All the donations made to SOS Children’s villages are tax-free.