SOS Children’s Villages Association in Estonia is a non-profit organisation, which relies upon donations of individuals and companies. SOS Children’s Villages Association in Estonia offers a family based care to children without parental care so that they could grow up in a loving, caring and safe environment. The children live in small families and every family has a SOS parent who is looking after them.

The first SOS Children’s Village in Estonia was established 1995. Since then we have helped over 1000 children. In addition to the Keila SOS Children’s Village we also have villages in Põltsamaa, from spring 2012 a village in Narva-Jõesuu where one of the houses is a home to children with deep mental and physical disability and from January 2015 Juuru SOS Children`s Village.

After graduating middle school the children aged between 16-18 will move to a Youth Home and will start studying in high school or at a trade school. At the moment we have Youth Home in Keila and Tallinn. The youths can live at a Youth Home until they have finished all their studies. Every youth has their own confidant (an educator or the manager of the Youth Home) who helps the youth start their independent life.

Family Strengthening Programme in Narva concentrates on parents who have encountered real difficulties in raising their children.

We also offer an educational programme in two schools and handle children’s rights, their protection and advocacy.

SOS Children’s Villages have a leading role in developing the subsitute home service. Our family model to make subsitute homes more family friendly has also been acknowledged by Estonian government.

SOS Children’s Villages’ main goal is to offer similar safe and loving home to children without parental care as their peers have. Get involved already today and make a small gift to the children in the SOS Children’s Villages in Estonia. Permanent donation can be made HERE.