SOS Children’s Villages in Estonia offers children without parental care living conditions, which resemble a life in a family. Children are  referred to the SOS Children’s villages by local authorities of Estonia. Our work in the families is based on 4 principles.

Children will be provided with a safe living environment, which facilitates further development. Supported by a family parent, children will be prepared according to their individual abilities to get ahead in life, once becoming an adult. Reliable relations and love, which they can experience again, will give the child an opportunity to recover from previous experiences, which have often been traumatic.

The people working at the SOS Children’s Villages are family parents – SOS mother and SOS aunt, educators, psychologist, social worker, village master, secretary and the village manager. In the children’s village pedagogical, psychological and social options are looked for every day which would be in accordance to the needs of the children in the present day and in the future.

In Estonia the SOS Children’s Villages are located in:

keila sos lasteküla põltsamaa sos lasteküla narva-jõesuu sos lasteküla juuru sos lasteküla

SOS Children’s Villages main aim is to give children without parental care the same type of feeling of security and a loving home as their peers. Get involved already today and make a donation to the children in SOS Children’s Villages in Estonia HERE.