Educational project was launched to support the education of students with special needs in schools.

The project involves development of a system, which supports schools, and offers regular educational, psychological, social and health-related counselling, which meets the needs of elementary, secondary and upper secondary school students with special needs and the needs of their parents and teachers.

Project covers the following spheres:

  • Supporting studies and socialisation of students with special needs;
  • Supporting students with social coping skills;
  • Supporting the raising of motivation of learning interest and motivation of children with special needs, who belong to the risk group;
  • Preparing teachers for working with students with learning and behavioural difficulties;
  • Supporting families.

The following activities will be needed for the implementation of the project:

  • Training school personnel on various issues – teaching children with special needs and communication with such children; anticipation and solving of conflicts; child-centred way of thinking; active listening; entering into a dialogues; teamwork etc. also basic and in-service training courses for school personnel.
  • Purchase of methodological materials and literature for supported learning. Acquisition of required tools and tutorial games.
  • Supported learning for risk group students – individual teaching, corrective learning, speech impairment studies, extra lessons for students, learning under simplified curriculum.
  • Training for risk group students: anticipation and solving of conflicts; anger management; swimming lessons; teamwork.
  • Psychological support for risk group students – conversations with psychologist
  • Trainings for parents – bringing up and supporting children with special needs, co-operation with teachers, child protection and school support services; hope to cope with negative emotions etc.
  • Compensation of accommodation expenses of students homes for risk group students.
  • Planning of administrative expenses for the implementation of project.

Working co-operation network of interest groups (teachers, parents, child protection and specialists) has been established in schools as the result of project work, the network supports students with special educational needs, their parents and teachers.

Risk group students are enjoying security and pleasure from attending school and have achieved educational results, which are satisfactory, as minimum. Teachers have the skills, required for working with children with special educational needs, and for the anticipation and solving of conflicts. Parents have needs and skills for developing and supporting children with special needs and the knowledge that the support network is always there for contacting and getting assistance.