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Tiina, a SOS mother: "Of course you have to have a strong desire in your heart, and a lot of patience, but trust me, the joy and satisfaction that comes when you have helped a child or children overcome their fear of abandonment and neglect is a great reward."


Our people

Children need the help of those stronger than them

Every child is special. Every child needs love and attention, or in other words, quality time that is dedicated solely to them. The children in our care have lived without love for a long time and they need more care than kids living in ordinary families. Every smile, each word of support and any time spent together help the child trust the world again, show their feelings without fear of disdain and start believing that their dreams might one day come true.

We can help as many children as there are people who let them into their hearts and homes and as there are supporters who stand with us until the children grow up.

As an entrepreneur you no doubt understand that the greatest and most important asset any successful organisation has is its people: those who do their work well and with all their heart are crucial to any business. In our case, this list includes another very important criterion that most organisations cannot or dare not ask of their employees: we are looking for people who are willing and able to take on a huge responsibility and to contribute to the children's village until at least one generation of children come of age. In the case of the small children who come to live with us, this could mean up to 15 years of heartfelt work for the SOS Children's Village.

To find such extraordinary people and to motivate them, train them and retain them is like walking a tightrope, where in order to keep your balance you have to perform all sorts of tricks and outdo yourself every day – being much smarter tomorrow than you are today and doing things differently than the day before.

We are grateful for all kinds of help, from monthly and one-off donations to getting families the things they need and organising field trips and events for them. If your business operates in a field where resources can be shared (food, sports equipment, etc.), we would be very grateful to hear from you. It doesn't matter how big or small the support is that you can give our children. Among our supporters are companies making donations of all sizes: from 10 euros a month to thousands of euros a year. What matters to us is that you want to be there for the children.

As an entrepreneur, you can help ensure that our children have everything they need in their everyday lives: a loving family and warm, well maintained homes. For companies there is also an income tax incentive in donating, comprising 10% of the previous year's profits as stated in the annual report or 3% of the salary fund subject to income tax for the ongoing calendar year – whichever way works out better for your company.

As the number of families in need across Estonia continues to grow, we welcome new members of our support group all year round. Contact us to find out more by e-mailing

You are welcome to join our large family at SOS Children's Village!

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