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You don't need to have much money, live in a fancy house or work in a high position. Each of us has one resource that is enough: time. You just have to use it well.


Our people

All ideas on how to help children are welcome

Do you want to support the kids at the children's village and support families but don't exactly know how? The easiest way, and the one most needed by families, is to become a supporter of the SOS Children's Village or make a one-off donation. However, we have plenty of other ideas on how you can do good for our families and kids.

Organise an event and donate the profits

There have been home cafés, music events, competitions and record-breaking efforts in support of our children and the registration fees have been donated to the kids. For example, the profits from Põltsamaa’s Home Café Day, which has been held for several years now, have been donated to the village, while the football club Tallinna Kalev donates profits from Big Match ticket sales to the village and the International Private School's primary students hold a charity fair every year from which the profits go to the village.

Businesses organise charity days or make birthday donations

Many organisations arrange charity days or even weeks for their teams, where donation boxes are placed in visible areas along with information leaflets and materials explaining why and who the money is being collected for.

Some companies ask visitors to make a donation to the children's village instead of bringing in birthday gifts. For example, the 1Partner Real Estate team decided to carry out a charity campaign for the SOS Children's Village before Christmas, and in total 1300 euros was raised for children without parental care.

Sell charity (Christmas) cards, books and other products from our online store

Our children and families have drawn and written from their hearts so that our online store can offer charitable souvenirs. You can sell them at community fairs or in your organisation during special events, while school children can hold competitions by selling charitable Christmas cards, with the best young sellers getting fun prizes from the SOS Children's Village.

Companies can support us with their services

Companies can also offer their services free of charge to SOS Children's Village. For example, Codelab helped us put together this great website, Smaily helps us send our news to your mailbox and Fitek helps us issue e-invoices.

You can offer services to our families, too – for example, Oriflame does our young graduates' make-up every year, Office Day has donated some much-needed art supplies to our children, Leibur has been supplying SOS families in Keila with bread and pastry for years and E-Piim is helping out Põltsamaa’s SOS families with cheese products.

Donating to the children's village a certain proportion of money made from coffee, cakes and other drinks and food

Paulig, Gourmet Club and several other companies donate a specific amount of money to the children's village if a particular coffee drink or cake is purchased. The products are labelled in the stores accordingly, and anyone who buys the product can proudly say that they have done good (and also gotten a tasty treat)! As part of Charitable Restaurant Day more than 30 of Estonia’s best-known and most prestigious restaurants donate 10% of the profit made on the day to children's village families. Everybody wins!

Invite children and families from the children's village to an event free of charge

Many theatres, play centres and concert and outdoor event organisers allow children's village kids to attend their events free of charge. For example, Luige Fair has for many years enabled all children's village families to attend for free. The organisers of the extreme sports event Simple Session have been supporting our children with free passes for years, thanks to which the children's village has several youngsters who are interested in extreme sports and who in future might take part in the events as participants.

Organise a fun theme day

If you are involved in a fun field or hobby, you can invite kids from the children's village to visit or organise an awesome day at the village. SmartLynx organised a fun aviation day at the children's village, FC Flora and Seesam put on an athletic family event for our kids and Moller Auto introduced a modern car repair workshop to our youngsters from the youth home and spoke about how cars are built and repaired these days. This gives us hope that some of our children will be so impressed by such events that they decide to focus on aviation or become a mechanic themselves in the future. Talented and motivated workers are needed in every company nowadays, after all!

Do good instead of giving Christmas presents

For many years now via the platform, the SOS Children's Village has enabled people to easily make beautiful cards with good wishes that can be given to business partners for Christmas, relatives for birthdays, someone special on Valentine's Day, mums for Mother's Day and more, letting them know that you have done a good deed for their special day by donating money to the families at the children's village. The recipient gets a beautiful card to remember this wonderful deed, which you can print out yourself and place in a pretty frame so that it is even more beautiful to show everyone.

Organise an auction

The Estonian Football Association and SOS Children's Village Good Will Ambassador Ragnar Klavan raised 2140 euros for children's village families in a charity auction at which three very special shirts were sold.

Donate reward points

Many stores and banks allow you to donate the points you earn for purchases and services you use to charity. For example, Swedbank's customers can donate their reward points to kids at the children's village very easily.

When buying a gift ticket from it is possible to buy an additional ticket to your preferred value that will allow one children's village kid to get a present for their birthday.

Get some good ideas on how to help children? Great! Contact us at We are waiting to hear from you!