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Individual donations

The littlest hearts have entrusted us with their care, and that trust must never be abused.


Our people

How and why to support our children?

As our children live with us for a long time (15 years on average), we are especially grateful to monthly private donators. The more support we have from monthly donators, the more children can live in SOS families. Monthly donations leave us secure in the knowledge that we will be able to cover all of our child-rearing expenses next month as well.


Monhtly donators also significantly contribute to our children taking up hobbies, celebrating birthdays, going on school trips and attending small outings with SOS families several times a year. One-off donations are also very welcome, which SOS families can use to cover important or unexpected costs. One-off donations also help finance the progress of children and young people in areas that interest them. For example, equipment can be purchased for a child involved in sports or professional literature can be bought for a child interested in science. One-off donations allow SOS parents to offer their children something different from the usual. It motivates the child, helps them to trust the world again and gets them believing that their dreams could one day come true.

E-invoice monthly donation agreement

From October to May, representatives of SOS Children's Village invite you to become a monthly donator in the following locations: Selver, Coop, Stockmann, Mustika Keskus, Laagri Maksimarket, Lasnamäe Centrum, Lõunakeskus and Tartu Kesklinna Keskus.

Swedbank and SEB clients can enter into an e-invoice monthly donation agreement in shopping centres on the spot. After signing the agreement, the permanent monthly donations will start automatically. In the case of the SEB agreement, a copy or a picture of your identity document must also be provided.

We ask customers of LHV, Coop Bank and Luminor to do the following after signing their agreement:

  • On the 1st of each month, an e-invoice will arrive in your Internet bank. Log in and open it under "e-invoices" in the menu.

  • Based on the e-invoice, enter into an agreement for monthly payments. Thereafter the donations will be made automatically.

  • If you do not wish to set up a monthly payment, we ask you to pay the monthly e-invoices yourself.

If you wish to terminate your agreement or change your data, please e-mail SOS Children's Village at You will continue to be sent e-invoices until you notify SOS Children's Village of your wish to stop receiving them.


Other ways to help

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We have created an environment where it is easy to send a beautiful card and do a little bit of good at the same time.

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Our children have drawn some lovely cards with love and care. Buy a meaningful card and do some good.