We could offer a safe and loving home to 64 new children last year thanks to our kind donors. Youngest of them is a six month old girl in desperate need of love and care by an SOS mother.

The arrival of new children is a big challenge for our mothers. as well as for the support staff. To create a trusting and loving environment takes time and commitment, but most of all, a lot of love. Financial support is also needed, which is why we need donations from a lot of kind people.

There are 200 children in our SOS Children´s villages for the moment. We have also taken the responsibility to help almost 600 children into SOS education – and family strengthening program.

All our efforts in JUURU SOS CHILDREN`S VILLAGE have been starting to pay off

Juuru SOS Children´s village have been a part of SOS family for a year now. All five family houses are being homes for the children and there are SOS mothers in almost all of the houses.

Every new situation means change that has to be carried on very gently. SOS mother´s support and by mother´s just being there, give the children peace and sense of security. You could hear the children play outside this year for the first time in Juuru SOS Children´s village. There is still of course a lot of work to be done to turn the houses into homes.

MONTHLY DONATIONS give security to the family´s

You cannot raise the children only during the campaign, which makes regular monthly donations equal with gold. Even a small but a stable monthly donation from our 3082 big hearted regular donators give us and our SOS parents a much needed security and we can offer the children a safe and loving home.

Monthly donators help to insure, that every child has an SOS mother and a warm and clean home. Monthly donations also give the children chance to have a hobby, celebrate birthdays, have a field trip or just go to a museum or zoo for a couple of times a year with the family. We hope to have support from even more people in the year to come, so that we would be able to help out more children.

We shared the JOY OF CHRISTMAS to nearly 800 children with the help from our donators

As to all of the children, Christmas is special also for the children in our SOS Children´s villages. With our SOS mothers, children learn song´s and poem´s in order to receive presents. Almost every child wrote or drew their wish on a piece of paper with the quivering heart – some with help of a SOS mother. There is a story behind every wish. Tiny Oscar wished for a big blue lorry to transport his toy bricks from one room to another. His grandfather had exactly the same kind of lorry and he´d let Oscar drive it while sitting on his lap. We thank all of You who helped to donate 6059 euros for the presents. Thank You for making a donation in Christmas

Children can have a HOBBY and get a needed support from the teaching assistants

SOS mothers-fathers, assistant teachers and specialists work with children daily in order to make their lives better. They also make an effort to guide them with different activities like sports, music etc. Hobbies are developing and help the children with their emotions and tensions which have been bottled up. Knowledge that even he or she can be good at something, increases their self-confidence, which the children are in desperate need of. 47447 euros was donated in the school campaign, which makes 237 euros for a child. 200 children get the opportunity to do sports, have a hobby, get some necessary school supplies or just get some help from assistant teachers if necessary, all thanks to donations. Our monthly donators contribute as well to our children’s different activities.

Major REPAIR WORKS in villages and youth homes

We did some necessary repairs in our 28 family houses and in 2 youth homes with the 61 711 euros, donated during the campaign. They repainted the houses which were built 20 years ago in Keila SOS Children´s village, insulated and repaired roofs on the family houses, did some maintenance on heating systems, repairs in youth houses and changed some of the wallpapers in children’s rooms etc. Our monthly donators helped as well with the repairs.