Thanks to the active and dedicated employees of the SOS Children’s Village who took it upon themselves to participate in the competition for the Dream Employer 2017, the SOS Children’s Village became one of four nominees and was named the best organization in the public sector. All together, 22 companies participated.

A professional jury and current and potential employees evaluated the contenders. During evaluation, most weight was given to two facets: how much the employer and its employees agree on the vision of the company as a valued employer, and whether each member of the work force is truly appreciated as a member of a family would be.

Anu-Mall Naarits, the head of the competition said, “The title of ‘Dream Employer’ goes not to a well known company but rather to one where the employees themselves praise the company.”

The employees of the SOS Children’s Village emphasized their experiences and emotions in what it means for them to be a part of the SOS family. This standpoint was taken by both those who had been working with the organization since the beginning and those that had just joined. They all shared in the mission.

“We do this job to change the world into a better place, to have more love surrounding us, and to give the children back their hope and certainty for the future. It is not an easy job but those who work here know that one becomes a better and happier person by giving of themselves.” was how one employee described the biggest motivators in their work.

Many people are drawn to working for the SOS Children’s Village. In October last year, over 100 applicants expressed interest in response to the social campaign seeking SOS mothers and fathers. Applicants included those who wanted to join a Village home as a parent or an assistant and also those willing to raise a child at their own home.

The biggest dream of the SOS Children’s Village in 2017 is to open new homes for four additional families in Kohtla-Järve. Four apartments are to be renovated for the 24 children waiting. The children would be excited to move into their new homes in the summer but with the help of donations they could move earlier.