In Estonian economy it makes great impact to be an entrepreneur. Of course a lot of skills and knowledge are needed to run your own business or company. But where to start?  This was one of the most important questions for Marina when the summer came. SOS Children’s Village Narva-Jõesuu had decided to participate in the local Municipality Day by making a garden-café. This one-day project was a perfect opportunity to practice how to run a business.

Marina tells: ‘I was very excited and very worried too. But it was really good thing to do!’ She gives me brief lecture on entrepreneurship: ‘First the grown-ups got the permission to do it from the municipality. The people there were very happy that we wanted to join in for that day!

It was like a game, but it was very serious game – it was with real people and real food!

Then we had to decide what will be on the menu, what ingredients we will need and who will do what. Everyone had his or her own task. I was a waitress, there were some more of the wait-staff, a cashier, cooks, dishwashers, security guards. Everyone had a role and we had to be a team and take care of our customers. It was like a game, but it was very serious game – it was with real people and real food!

The morning dawned and the customers came. The café ran smoothly and everyone was happy. Marina looks joyfully up: ‘It was pretty much a success, but I must tell you that in the beginning it was a bit bumpy and we had some hardships. But by the afternoon all was well and everyone had really lots of fun!’

The customer feedback was positive and children were satisfied – the profits were shared among the participants and everyone got some extra pocket money. Marina concludes: ‘We’ll do it again next year, but then we’ll have to make larger variety of food and pay more attention to advertising…’ Seems that the first lesson in entrepreneurship has gone well.